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Jane and Gerald we're very quick to tell me that they are super awkward in front of the camera. Needless to say NO ONE that looking through the photos.

Oak Park Country Club  | Oak Park, ILlinois

Jane + Gerald

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This day was filled with smiles. Mainly from Lea and Argie. Honestly they could not stop cheesing about the fact that they are finally married. :)

City Hall  |  Chicago, ILlinois

Lea + Argie

This wedding was really the epitome of a Christ-centered marriage. Now that's a good way to start off!

Providence vineyard | hebron, illinois

Jess + Gary

These two nuggets had their wedding interrupted by a little puppy. We let it slide because he was so cute.

loyola university  |  Chicago, ILlinois

Anna + Chin

This was a DIY wedding with all the flair! I was so surprised they put all this together themselves and it came out so beautiful. 

Private residence | wisconsin

Bianca + Adam

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