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Send me in an inquiry with your wedding details and date via the contact form and we can keep the convo going via email or set up some sort of meeting at Little Caesars or anywhere else but Little Caesars is probably best. Just sayin.

What do I do moving forward?

As much as I love Ed Sheeran’s jams ( I’ve seen him live 3 times 🙈 ) I, like all artists have copyrights with their music. Rightfully so! They worked hard, they deserve it! Those fees, unfortunately, are upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. I would never wanna put by clients at the risk of a huge bill or worst a lawsuit! There are so many awesome resources where I find licensed music and pay monthly subscriptions to obtain access to 1,000s of song libraries that have music that will fit any couple's vibe and preference. Of course, you can let me know you love a song from a past video I’ve posted to that you hate country. I will keep all that info in my notes! But I often don’t select your music until experience the day with you! If you are super emotional and there were so many heartfelt, deep words exchanged and said laying an upbeat EDM track may not match up. On the other hand, if you and your college friends are jokers, all laughs and have a packed dance floor full of energy that calls for an equally energized song to be the underscore of the film.

Do I get to pick my own music?

I know times are tough! I'm always here to work it out! With that being said I;ve lowered my required deposit to 25% of the total to lock in your wedding date. Again this can be made through the online portal or in cash/check.

Do I need to make a deposit?

I accept payments through my online portal with a card, bank transfer, but cash and check are also welcome.

How can I make Payments?

More often then not the benefits of having a second videographer result in a much more substantial video. Again because you’re able to get more footage to work with and I can be in multiple locations. There are SO MANY things happening on a wedding day it’s difficult to capture it all just as one person. Even the most experienced videographers aren’t going to capture 2 different things happening at the same time in different locations. I’m not a teleporter, but I can dream.

Do I need a second videographer?

I send out a link to view, share, and download as many times as you would like :)

How do I view and receive my wedding film and photos?

You can expect your video in about 8 - 10 weeks.

What is the turn around for my video and photos?

Being good on film is 99 percent reliant on how comfortable you are with the person behind the camera. Looking natural in front of the camera is a result of the confidence that the person behind the camera, brings out of you. I don’t ask you to be anything more than what you are. So if you could be yourself to me you are already doing enough. For example, if you are more non PDA and more about having fun we’ll show that side of you. If you are romantic and showing your affection is important to you then we can include that. The good thing is no one is an extremity of either of these things, people are usually a combination of it all which is why I love getting to know my couples so that I can cater to what their personalities lean towards.

My Fiancé and I are SUPER SUPER AWKWARD, how can we avoid this? 

Absolutely, I cater my wedding films to each of your personalities and the structure of your relationship. So at the very least, I would love to have a phone or FaceTime/skype meeting.

Do you recommend meeting with you in person?

It depends on what package you choose. It could be 3 - 5 minutes, 5 - 7 minutes, or 8 - 10 minutes but not limited to. There’s a lot of things that can affect the length of your video. Did you guys write letters for each other in the morning? Did you say personal vows in your ceremony? How long is the ceremony? How many speeches were given? And in general what happened on your wedding day? Some of these things are not in my control; for example, we could be given less time to do Bride and Groom shots or traffic due to travel so it’s difficult for me to say exactly how long the video will be. But also adding a second videographer allows me more footage to work with and could change the length of the video. The amount of time I’m booked for filming is another huge factor. So from past experience I’ve noticed that certain packages can usually expect certain film lengths. For example, the 8 hours of coverage, with only me as a videographer, usually yields a 3-5 minute video.

How long will my video be?

It all depends on how your wedding goes, what’s happening during your wedding day, and how much coverage you’re getting. Typically I deliver anywhere from 500-1,000 images.

How many photos will I recieve?

Yes we do offer engagement sessions and we absolutely recommend it! An engagement session is a good way to see if you like our style of interaction and see if we have good chemistry. It’s good to get comfortable with your photographer and this is a great way to do that. Also you can use the photos for engagement announcements, invitations, and save-the-dates!

Do i need an engagement session and do you offer them?