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Remember that trend awhile back that people did where they would take photos at hobby lobby and try to make it look like they taking photos somewhere else? Ahhh 2018! Well, we took part in it! Twice actually haha. The first time we did it as a joke during an impromptu visit looking for some […]

The Hobby Lobby Challenge

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El Pitayero Offical Trailer | Documentary

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My first documentary! It was made with 5 plus years of thought, months of planning, and 1 week of execution! I was blessed to be able to plan 2019 around my trip to Zacatecas from May 20th to May 27th.This film could only be filmed between mid April – mid June. Only 2 months of […]

Chile de Tomatillo Recipe

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2020 has me trying so many things! I’ve baked banana bread 3 times, became a plant mom, and have made share a recipe on TikTok! This little app really makes the time tik by! I’ve had so many friends and family ask for my mom’s Chile de tomatillo recipe so I decided to share in […]

taco with chile

I’m starting over…

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My first video on my new website!!! It has been a long time coming! Thank you for your patience y’all! I’m so used to filming other people it was definitely weird to be sitting in my back yard talking to a camera! It was funny hearing myself talk over and over again the editing process […]